Can Mobile compatibility be added eventually?

I really like Pathos III, and I play it when I can but I am mostly a Roblox mobile user. Could you develop a way the it could be mobile compatible? Me and many other Roblox users would really like that and it would make it so many more players could play it.

Yeah, that would be awesome :star_struck:

Maybe if we can get enough people in on this it will go faster, glad you agree with me

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this has been denied in the past so probably not happening

Your phone is going to die kid

To my current understanding, I do believe that the Manufacturing Department is not interested in pursuing mobile compatibility in the any time future. This is because, our current codebase without major adaptations would not be able to handle a mobile platform. Alongside that, there would be major performance issues tied to playing on a mobile platform.

Your phone is gonna catch on fire, 0 FPS, extremely high amounts of lag, and 9999+ ping.