Implementing placeables

Placeables would be things where you could place down cover to protect yourself from gun shots it could also have HP. I know what your going to say, ITS COPYING PARAGON, let me say, PARAGON STOLE THE IDEA OF JUGGERNAUTS FROM PATHOS THEY HAVE STOLEN A TON OF STUFF. Who tf cares about it copying paragon, these days almost NOTHING IS ORIGINAL FOR SCPFs. Combatants could also receive this auto or from vendor so instead of having 5000 already placed walls in there only have the 2 things with the holes, combatants could have regulations for these, HECK even Falcon 2 could use something like this to prevent there VIP being attacked when there is a ton of hostile activity. Maybe in uproars SD can place cover to prevent crossfire there can be multiple different types of cover even D-Class can get some maybe implement a makeshift wall or something in KP vendor, or in smuggler for idk 450, but these should have strict regulations to not make it a pain for personnel and hostiles. Placeables don’t only have to be walls they can be ropes to go down from caves and stuff maybe they could be attached to helicopters D class could place rope to rapple down to a area, and be able to return upwards these could have a time for how long they can be there so it doesn’t be to op and maybe they could be destroyed or ripped after to much usage. There’s a ton of possibilities on what we could make as a placeable we just need to try it.

This is already in my personal backlog