Lockdowns and combative utilities

Lockdowns are quite good in certin situations which sucks is a scp whats meant to open any door aka scp-005 cant open a lockdown door a jugg goes to clean rooms you cant get out you just have to sufficate unless you glitch which is banable another bad thing is hacking hacking cant open it either there should be regulations on it you have it for hostages perfect but for normal cds no keycard nothing to open it even with 005 it just sucks I dont want to spend my money just to die and cant get out of a room in cleanr rooms another issue is riot foam trucks you loose your 294 affects and then your left with no speed and a speedy sru jug what do you do in that situation you cant bat them it just needs a rework combative utilities. I honestly cant comprehand it.

holy shit bro, i might suck at aiming but at least i can use periods.

Why did I read this like if I was rapping

We use those tools to do something called counter you. Lockdowns wouldn’t be very good if you could just bypass them.

Jugs cant get out your esentialy locking them in a room until they die and you spam lockdown everytime theres only 3 cds in CR.

and another thing to counter that argument if you were in 294 you cant get out which means what does this do “Juggernauts may not be purposely locked/trapped into any rooms they can’t get out of.”

Well it wasn’t purposely, plus subdivisions have different regulations.