Revamp Joint Departmental Requests.

I believe we all at this point know that whilst it works it does not work as efficently as it can because overtime and due to many requests, test simply disappear or go unclaimed with no way for us to know expect for repings, and as nice as a reping is it canb e quite annoying getting 30 repings from one ScD who refuses to cancel their test or what not. As such I propose that Cytoscene makes a system that will automatically update a channel not only in AA server but joint departmental with all public events ongoing (ours having any private events too) in addition to scheduled events in where AA can use a command like /claim to claim a specific SCP that an ScD has requested and will automatically have a green check mark around any SCP that an AA has claimed, if unclaimed it will have an X, once the test has started it will be a blue box, once the test has concluded the ScD or AA does like /end and the test will disappear from the list, this list updates every 30 seconds or so. Not to mention would be cool to have priority system in which tests authorised by higher ranking ScD get higher prioities than others, like Adept Researcher can make a test Level 3 prioirty over an Entrants level 1. Repings would be the following command in which the AA gets pinged with the test and whos hosting it if they still require actors and its been too long. Also helps to see if any SCPs are being used by a certain test so ScD stop overriding tests, and it helps with immerision because you won’t actually know who the AA is just that there is an AA. Incase an AA has to switch out and someone else takes it just do the /reclaim command in which any actor can overclaim an event. (internal regs can be made for this)