Stop shutting down servers without checking for objections to the shutdown

It is getting annoying, on the day of writing this, servers were shutdown twice randomly without any notification while tests and other events were happening. Make it a regulation that MaD are REQUIRED to make some sort of notification before server shutdowns.

Hello, Gold!

This is a rule that we follow! We are required to notify the server that we will be migrating, and we must check first that no events are going on. We sincerely apologize if there has been an inconsistency in our ability to maintain this standard.

Though, something that should be addressed is that we cannot verify with members inside of reserved servers (such as one for an SD Training or ScD Orientation) if they are conducting any activities. Not only do some MaD not have access to this, but it would take far too long (not saying you were in a reserved server, but just in case).

Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience! :heart:

~ SparseList
MaD Junior Developer (Studio Access)