Tunnel Collapse System (Riot Loop Fix)

Here are a few ways to fix the rioting loop without entirely removing or nerfing guns, making rioting more difficult for CDs. Instead, we can focus on preventing their primary means of navigation without destroying the guardline. One approach is to modify how tunnels function:

  1. Cave Time Bombs: All MTF & SRU members would be equipped with a device called a cave time bomb. This device allows them to collapse a tunnel temporarily. Any CD with a pickaxe can mine away the debris. However, there are limited locations where tunnels can collapse, the fuse lasts 60 seconds, and CDs can easily disarm it.

  2. Complete Tunnel Collapse: During predetermined times or with specific permission (ScD High Command, MTF High Command, Devs, AA Command), a complete tunnel collapse can be initiated. All tunnels that allow CDs to escape will start collapsing, giving CDs exactly 60 seconds to escape before they become trapped. These collapses cannot be mined until a specific amount of time has passed or a command is given. CDs can place explosives to reopen the caves, but this action is loud and would alert all Combatants.

These changes would make events like Uproar rarer and held to standards similar to Red Heron. Uproar would become a significant event, indicating that CDs have truly rallied and are causing a riot, rather than escaping easily every time.

Overall, this approach prevents the rioting loop from occurring during tests or when the game needs to calm down. It promotes more teamwork among CDs if they wish to win against Combatives and eliminates the need for constant monitoring of manholes or sweeping for escapees. Additionally, it helps reduce the frequency of CDs angering anomalies by escaping with ease.

Imo rioting doesn’t happen as much anymore and needs more of it