Add SCP-079 to Pathos

I think this would be a great addition to the game, and could be added to either MCZ, or the Clean Rooms. Actors may control SCP-079 for a test, but could also be already set up with voice lines for non-test related features.

Class-D could attempt and “breach” SCP-079 by giving it controls to the door system, the way you would do that is by obtaining the hard-drive of SCP-079, and bringing it to the Monorail Control Room, and hooking it up to one of the computers. As far as I am aware, the Monorail Control Room is purely decorative right now, and this could give it some use. This would give Class-D/Hostiles another objective to do whilst rioting/raiding. Although, while this may seem overpowered, there should be an alert system on the radio that would say “SCP-079 currently has access to the door system in the facility. All combative personnel should report to the Monorail Control Room to disconnect SCP-079 from the door system.” or something along the lines of that.

Overall, I think that SCP-079 would be a great addition to Pathos, both for testing, and for Class-D rioting.

There is already a cameras system in Pathos, so this an addition I would like to see happen.

I would love to see this in pathos

Any GOI raiding group using 079 to their advantage would be cool

wow so cool guys !!!

i would love to see this it would be very fun

i approve of this, should be added to pathos.

billions must upvote