Add SCP-1162 to pathos

It would be a good way to get some quick items and would be useful for f2p players as they would only need a hacking device and a blowtorch (and some luck) to get there it would give maybe items like keycards or pistols like the g17 or m1911

It kinda makes sense but the thing is we dont know what is this scp. I recommend u edit ur post to make us sure what is it the scp.

This use to be in Pathos’ awhile back, however it used removed due to exploiters.

I think with our new Community Moderation Team, 1162 could be a good addition to Pathos.

Would like to see this in the game

It would give random items (in lore it gives items you had/were looking for) and sometimes take them or deal damage if you dont have anything

Makes Epsilon useful for things other then 914