Addition Of RS-0002

Make an RS about me! In a nutshell I get a team with same power as AA. People can test on me (I will be very active). We could introduce me with a lore event (which I will discuss with L&S team so it doesnt get spoiled) It would be fun and we could use my avatar! (Id discuss abilities with devs)

vote this if you are smart

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you got it big man :+1:

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Not a chance my friend. Become an SC-4 and have lots of people know you and then maybe make this suggestion again.

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No. You can’t receive free entry into Anomaly Actors just for recommending an anomaly and regardless this is denied.


bro think he the main character or smthn im sobbign

yo i think we got a flammyy alt @iss

you sound purely stupid and like an 8 year old

As a fellow ScD, this is just- this- WHY?? What were you cooking?