"AFT" CD Armbands

This would basically function as a new inventory item for combative personnel, which can be used on Class-Ds and put on their arms. It’d help differentiate authorized CDs from non-authorized CDs, as well as add to immersion. They would be manually given to the CD after being briefed, and manually removed after being returned to Omicron.

An alternative to this is implementing something similar to the system for tagging CDs as DFSC, which would put a tag above the CD’s head reading “AUTHORIZED” or something similar.

The floating Authorization tag is like a curse to me.

I see it everywhere in those free departmental team games.

My thoughts to the AFT armband is a good idea in my opinion.

I agree with this but it would have to be like bright yellow or most of SD will jsut kill the CDs before noticing the armband