Allow SD to freely use cameras

It is incredibly hard to find and locate CD’s that escape and it usually takes an incredible amount of time if they are grouped up. SD having cameras make sense in general because we are LITERALLY SECURITY and camera access really isn’t too overpowered since they can still leave the area they are detected it’s just that we have a perimeter that we know they are located.

They aren’t regular CCTV cameras, they are very specifically breach cameras for civil personnel to even get the slightest scrap of content in gameplay.

And I think they should be regular cctv cameras I know the devs can do it.

the main problem with this is that it’s kind of the point for CDs to hide when they escape
lets say you and 5 other CDs went CR and after fighting 2 MTF, you need to hide somewhere with your SCPs
cameras make that basically impossible, and holding off MTF isn’t feasible, mostly because MTF can come back and reinforce when they die, and you can’t

let’s say you enter epsilon unseen, and you go to use 914, which takes atleast over 2 minutes
if a base SD can just spot you with cameras, 914 basically becomes useless, as having the time needed to actually use 914 is extremely unlikely

there’s also the problem of this making thermals for F2 practically useless
as well as the fact that base SD could use this, despite not being able to fully chase or track down escaped CDs

it doesn’t work out well

why do i have DDA
i’m mainly CD