Give SD Agents/Specialists Thermals

Hello. I feel it would be nice for Agent/Specialists to have thermals. You see this way it is easier to deal with riots and people ruining tests. For example, a guy just ruined my test cause he had a bat and was above everyone. If the SD had thermals, he would’ve seen it.

Just give Agents/Specialists thermals. It would make their life so much more easier.

im all for giving us base SD more gear

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Same. I’m not even in SD but it would be nice.

You are Insane. That is way too OP. That should be the end of the discussion.

yeah this is an amazing suggestion

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I agree, all combatives should have access to thermal goggles. CDs keep ruining test 24/7.


let’s just give all sd juggs next

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so what exactly are we smoking on this fine afternoon?

There is no way on god’s green earth I would allow this to go through, this is a horrific idea. Please put more thought into these suggestions.

this is just a simple rage post
he even stated why he is making this

this game is full of geniuses :sob:

Very extreme suggestion to be honest, way too OP, unnecessary.
Thermals and attachments in general are for Officer+ or Subdivisions for a reason, giving all of SD insane especially with the amount there is.

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fair i guess. CDs just need to follow 1 rule it isnt that hard

i do believe base sd should have access to juggernauts whenever they deem fit as well, and it should be stronger in all aspects than cd juggernauts with the kraken as their gun

this is an amazing idea, while we’re at it, lets give Base SD juggernauts and better armour!

give base sd kraken aa12 thermals and free jugg 24/7

if this was implemented thermals would be nerfed to shit, not even R-8(LR) or SRU get thermals so just no.

Not even R-8 or SRU get thermals because of how overpowered it would be for them to get them. There is absolutely no way base SD could be given that gear while the most combat-centered groups of people don’t receive them.

Bro what is this post :skull: not even sru gets thermals and yall want bsd to have them?

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Give SD Cadet+ Silenced M16A4, and Agent+ AA12!!!