Give SRU/MTF a joint radio channel

So recently I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about the “Combative” Radio channel being too flooded and being misused a lot. To prevent this issue from happening we could have a joint radio channel between SRU and MTF so that we could communicate efficiently without the radio being flooded with useless comms, and actually give out callouts like positions of an SCP during a red heron, orders in an Uproar etc.

I agree, having a joint radio channel would fix a lot of problems


Agreed, please make this happen. I’m tired of having to see BSD saying sigma and skibidi during an uproar or red heron. Please devs :pray::pray:

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I agree.
Maybe in addition to this, a joint chat for SRU/MTF could be made. The way a person should access this should be “/SF”. This would allow for easier communications during times of crisis and prevent BSD from getting confused from reading a SRU/MTF chat that may not make sense to them.


Agreed - even though I am BSD, I do believe that we do misuse the combative radio and sometimes I myself can’t stand something like, for example, 52 useless messages being posted there within a minute or so - today I saw a Cadet contemplating where from a nonexistent CD could access CR, flooding the radio with their nonsense. If this doesn’t end up being added, I believe that at the very least, the combative radio should be moderated and monitored as the staff radio currently is - especially during protocols.
After all BSD has been called out many times for our unprofessionalism and I don’t feel that we should be granted the ability to flood the radio just because we’re combatives.


I think the solution is to fix Combative radio, not make an SRU/MTF-exclusive one.

Then we gotta put actual punishments for people that act stupid in combative radio?

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I figured this was going to be the answer. While yes I agree that radio usage should be better, it just probably won’t happen. Competency among SD, (BSD mostly), has been discussed over and over and over again. SD command has implemented trainings, guidelines, and yet there is still incompetency. When a Red Heron or Uproar occurs, it would be nice to eliminate unnecessary chatter on the radio and just get straight to the point with people who KNOW how to handle situations, like; recontainment, how to push CB, access to areas that others cant access.

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SD doesn’t need to see all the recontainment stuff, MTF already has their own radio that rarely gets used, adding SRU to it would not hurt

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Exactly what I’m saying.

Fixing combative chat could be a solution, but the thing is that BSD do NOT need to know stuff about recontainment, only on specific SCPs like 173 and bears where you actually need a lot of firepower to shoot them. Other than that, SCPs like 457, 106, 682, you don’t need BSD trying to interfere or just saying stuff over combative radio that floods it and it messes it up, I think adding SRU to MTF chat could be a great addition, if not, just do an SRU/MTF one, doesn’t hurt anybody

give SD a quota so all the garbage and inactive ones are kicked out.

Making a new comment so this is bumped up, I want this to happen

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Spoke with SD command, they agreed to moderate combative radio more strictly during events.

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We dont need combative radio to be better, there are situations where a radio for specifically MTF and SRU would be better, such as communicating during RC or hostage situations. Things every other SD does not need nor should ever care about but is important to us. MTF radio is barely used, why not repurpose it into a joint SRU/MTF channel

Heavily disagree with this. The base agent rank consists of Class-D alts that consistently metagame and lessen the efficiency and effectiveness of our special tactics, especially when we’re communicating over the radio; furthermore combative radio cannot just be “fixed”, as the problem lies with base SD incompetency in general, and that has proven to be an issue that SD command cannot tackle without a little developer support, such as increasing the SD application prerequisite to SC-2 (which would have a minimal effect), or releasing SD apps in waves so command could concentrate on training batches of SD and monitoring them effectively. SRU being restricted to the combative radio and not being able to communicate privately with MTF increases the risk of miscommunication, repeated call-outs, and metagaming amongst the lower ranked SD personnel.

I don’t think that is the case, but either way the channel has already been added.