Increase the SC time for the amount of strikes gained

Make it so CDs can gain strikes after becoming DFSC, the more strikes a CD gets after becoming DFSC the longer they will be in SC if SCed and the more the SCing SD gets paid pathbucks. Reason is,CDs do things that warrant a strike after gaining 3 strikes constantly, most often killing SD. I feel that the more SD they kill and stuff like that the higher their SC time should be, I dont think its fair that a CD who has killed 30 SD and avoided getting SCed should get the same 10 minutes as some CD who got 3 strikes and got thrown into SC.

How to kill game 101

Rioters wondering why they get a long SC time after committing 500 felonies:

Very good suggestion, would balance the game more.

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So if you get 18 strikes (dying 18 times which is normal for a DFSC) you get an hour SC time…? SC isn’t meant to be a punishment.

It is, I never specified the time too

No, Solitary Confinement is not a punishment and it will never be. Rioting is
part of the CD gameplay, and thats a consequence of rioting. That’s like saying playing the game equals a punishment.

Okay so why does SC exist then huh if not a punishment (ingame lore punishment not an actual CMT or EC punishment)

dumbest idea ive ever seen

Hi guys, let’s just remember to keep this forum as a place for collaboration on ideas, be nice!

I think it’s a cool suggestions but two things:

  1. I don’t think it’s something we should do right now
  2. It would need limits (we don’t want people getting super long SC time)

Maybe something for the future though!

So if I riot for a while and rack up strikes, I’d practically be getting kicked from the game (for god knows how long)… for playing the game?

10 minutes is already plenty enough and often times I usually just quit playing pathos after being SC’d anyways. This would just further incentivize that.