Insane Pathos Lag Issues

I don’t want to be that guy, but when I get 30fps on pathos on graphics one when I need a minimum of graphics four in order to be able to do my job as a SD, something is just not right.

Now my computer is not exactly state of the art, but in the past it has been able to run pathos exceptionally well, on 5 graphics with 50+ fps. Recently, it has been borderline unplayable. This is especially apparent in site events like a CD riot. Common issues include doors taking multiple tries to open and vehicles taking a long time to spawn.

Now by itself its not THAT bad. However, during a recent DDA event where I think THI was doing a raid on epsilon, a vast majority of SD couldn’t even spawn in the game, including myself.

I’m not going to go into specifics, all I’m saying is that there’s some serious work that needs to be done in order to combat the ungodly levels of lag that can appear.

Try not to destroy me in the thread with dev dialog pathosians, as I get optimization or whatever can be hard but like I said, when the game is borderline unplayable, something is just not right.

I do hope the developers make optimization a priority for the future.
Thank you.

Get a better pc fr if your can’t handle pathos just buy a new rtx or smth :moyai:

That’s a problem basically all of us have

Well, optimization is in fact alwasy the priority. We have been dealing with fixing a lot of major lag on pathos within the last few months, any data you could provide on your particular instance would be very helpful in fixing the problem. However posting that the game is laggy and providing no real information relating does not fix or change anything.

Yeah if you could post a couple things to tell you or something that would be great since i dont really know what you want in terms of information

  1. Specs of your computer
  • GPU
  • GPU Drivers
  • CPU
  1. How long you were playing

Even if you tried to get most of the lag you would be removing a lot of the detail it’s just better to get a new GPU so you could feel the real pathos experience optimization can be done yes but do it in a way that doesn’t run the pathos experience.

The problem isn’t neccesarily going to be a users GPU.

Infact I highly suggest rejoining the game if you are suffering intense lag. As a major area that has caused lag in recent time is Client Memoray, which if you rejoin the game it just resets it,

alright idk much about computers but here is some things that I hope help i dont know if this is everything but it was everything I could find

I use Intel Iris Plus Graphics
I use a Intel Core i7 CPU

For the incident that was the final straw for me to submit this, I was playing for I think about half an hour

I personally have a 1060 GTX win10. ive had the computer for around 3-5 years and never had an issue with pathos


If you experience major lag like that again, please provide some client information as well. Press F9 and let us know what your Client Memory Usage is, your Avg. Ping, and your CPU usage from your system task manager.

Optimization is always a priority for us and we are constantly putting in fixes to attempt to make the gameplay a more enjoyable experience. There are a multitude of factors to take into account when we are looking at the causes of laggy gameplay which can include things out of our control such as the server region—where the machine that is hosting the server is—, along with the uptime of the server. Often times what we find with servers with high uptime is memory leaks where system RAM (Random Access Memory) is allocated and when it is no longer needed, it is never deallocated to be used again. We are constantly working on solutions to reduce the amount of memory leaks, but nothing is ever perfect. As Spectrentha stated before, rejoining the game will be an easy fix as it will automatically deallocate any memory that Roblox was using, freeing up memory to be used again.

Standard posts about laggy and low-FPS gameplay is not always helpful for us as it is something we are already aware about. If you experience this during specific times, please let us know as that is what we are looking for.


There isn’t really a good fix to this, most we can do is slowly go over every system and make them faster. We would also need to optimize the map which will be difficult

GTX 1660S OC
GeForce Game Ready Driver Version 552.22
Ryzen 3 4300GE

Currently experiencing horrible frame times and lag. It seems to depend very heavily on the number of players currently online, but frame times nonetheless remain an issue. My graphics settings do not affect performance regarding these issues at all, and my time spent in-game affect the problem even less.

Thank you all for the feedback, how are you doing since the latest updates?