Kingpin keycard not accessing Epsilon

We lost access to almost all EPS doors and gates. Fix. It. Kingpins are supposed to access all containment zones fully.

Hacking through Epsilon takes wayy too long. For some reason doors in MCZ are harder to hack than gates. Hacking itself is so stupid, I miss it being automatic. No offense to the person who worked on the new hacking system but its just a pain in the ass now.

doesnt seem like a bug to me

The gamepass description said access to all containment zones. (CR, MCZ, HCZ) We’ve always had access to Epsilon and could open the doors before this bug. You’re MTF, you wouldn’t understand.

I agree. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be much different to a ordinary stolen keycard.

This is still not fixed.

This should be fixed now, let me know if otherwise!

It’s not, we can only access a few doors within EPS Checkpoint (monorail gates, waiting room), however everything else is still restricted. (example: 914 cc, 049 cc doors, the gate control room, eps cp outer catwalk)