Kingpin Vendor is Awesome + Suggestion

Kingpins love this new update, myself included.

What also might be an interesting addition is adding “Fort Henry” (or whatever you want to call where KP Vendor is located) as an optional spawn point for Kingpin/Leader CDs. It would also give purpose to the inaccessible room located in the back.

This might have unknown or unforeseen consequences when there are riots, so I would also suggest having it be disabled during uproar, lockdown, and/or lockup (basically only available during peace-hours) for balancing.

Might be a nice QoL for CDs & provide fulfillment to the KP gamepass, thoughts?

this would be really cool

The inaccessible room at the back of Fort Henry could be repurposed as a “Maximum Security” cell block, a smaller version of the main cell block where only Kingpins and Leaders would spawn, hence the “maximum security” text on the back of the Leader uniform,

The cell doors in this cell block could be controlled by the 2 towers in the main CD cell block, so that it can still be put under lockdown during sleep / uproar taking away much reason to disable this cell block during uproar or lockup.

This would also make Fort Henry much more defendable for CD, and for balancing purposes more cover & barricades could be added to make it easier for combatives to push in, and perhaps a new access tunnel that would lead directly or close by to Fort Henry.


Maybe instead of a spawn point, you’d have a tunnel which you can open up which would then lead to fort henry.
You could buy some dynamite from the kingpin vendor which you’d then use at either cellblock or FH to open the tunnel between the two.

I think this is also a great suggestion

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I love this idea also, it gives players a bigger incentive to buy Kingpin.

I’m not gonna lie making it cost money to open a tunnel to fort henry is useless when you can just walk there

I really like the new CB idea. When its Uproar all the CDs are all offered a kind of choice with this new System: either Spawn at the main CB and defend the Towers, or spawn at the second one and try to flank them / escape. Once SD have taken the Towers at the main CB, the new CB will also go into LD.

One thing that the Devs would really need to do though, would be to add a lot more tunnels leading to FH. Furthermore the SCP Tables at FH would need to be removed.

If this new CB were to be added, I do think it would be fair to remove the tables at Fort Henry. However, instead, they could add new tables somewhere in the CD mines like at deep caverns or the abandoned building.

I could see this be reasonable to some extent, although the FH spawn should ONLY WORK WHEN there is no active Lockup, Sleep schedule or a lockdown.

KP better go on sale if this gets added.

Honestly I would still be perfectly fine with that. Disabling the Spawn when its Uproar/LD/sleep Would simply just force KP and Leaders to choose the first option: defending the main CB. Its not too different from the main idea if you think about it.

Disagree. Kingpins already have gotten enough stuff as is with their own kit loadout and an exclusive vendor. Having them be able to spawn in a different location while undergoing the process of being DFSC’d can just insinuate the kingpin gamepass being stupendously pay 2 win in which there is already a high accessibility of users that have this monthly sale permanent gamepass. Can’t even imagine CD-leaders having this either. All CDs should be placed in the same circumstances with the variety of having their own equipment, not ‘spawns.’

This would make it extremely hard to SC Kingpins as SD would have to predict which spawn you were coming out of.

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i’ll be real here and say i agree with sol and berhtoald
having kinpins spawn at fort henry/mason, a literal fort, will make it an absolute nightmare for any combatives trying to SC CDs
and if not allowed to be used during uproar, lockup, sleep, etc, would barely even affect gameplay outside of making SDs life unnecessarily harder

for uproars, i can just see this being a p2w feature since normal, not always armed CDs are subject to lockdowns and being shot on sight when they leave their spawn, while the actual DFSC kingpins just double M, go to fort henry/mason and leave CDC, which makes SD locking down and time spent locking down practically useless