Remove MTF codenames

To say the least, this heavily overcomplicates even the most small action between MTF and SD. When you don’t know who you’re even working with, it’s hard to actually work, or know how well they’ll do.

Additionally, the genre has a history of this action, and it always goes into the most edgiest SCPFs. Pathos has had a pretty clean record of edginess post-shutdown, and this is like baking that record in grease.

Other groups have had similar systems implemented, and it just makes the game even more unplayable. Instead of going on-site, into a game, you have to call those around you by this weird ultra-edgy name that sounds made up by a 4 year old.

No one, not a single soul outside of MTF wanted this. Please, PLEASE for the future of this game, remove it.

Don’t even get me started on how this makes MTF members taking accountability for their mistakes so much more of an issue. MTF already get kicked by MaD repeatedly for abusing things like 914, and now this is allowed?

I mean, MTF command is aware of who has what codename afaik, so it shouldn’t really make punishing someone harder.
Still, I agree with it being edgy and just overcomplicating things.

Yeah you just hate fun. It is literally just a fun little name thing.
You do realise MTF always have the same codenames and MTF command will know who is who so you can’t really act like it makes it harder to report people.

EC already has our codenames already, any reports that are sent to them or MTF Command will be handled accordingly, codenames change nothing. The department and any reports sent will run like clockwork still. That is just my take on things though.

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All relevant departments, including MaD, EC, ISS, MTF Command, and any other necessary personnel, have access to a document containing all codenames and their corresponding individuals. This allows us to quickly identify anyone who is reported, unless a Developer or someone with access to the names has physically altered the information. Codenames do not affect MTF regulations; they are merely a cosmetic addition introduced by the Developers. If these codenames cause any issues, they will be removed.

Furthermore, all of the Codenames are hard-coded, therefore Operatives cannot change them unless the Developers exclusively allow it.

You put Site-DELTA on the list of “edgy” groups when it had the most cartoonish style and didn’t take any of their codenames or MTF seriously, nor were they exclusive to MTF in that group either.

Omega has the most comedic and funny codenames like “Dreamybull Actual” or just “JESUS”, they dont get to be included in the discussion of “edgy MTF”.

The “future” of the game does not depend on whether MTF have codenames or not, we wont FORCE you to refer to us by them, they a simply a fun feature added to give benefit to being in MTF.

Stop deluding a fun addition with your own fantasy about how the game should run.

As stated already, reports can still be by codenames, and any enforcement units will have access to all our names. And honestly, for 90% of MTF this wasn’t seen as ‘edgy’, as to be honest, the first codenames were literally all jokes, if maturity wasn’t something we look for, they’d definitely be allowed. Not going to be the case though.

gotta love how just all the mtf pulled up

They do seem to enjoy defending anything exclusive they get.

I find it really annoying that as soon it was posted you instantly start shit-posting about it, even though you have no information on how we’re regulating it and how it works. Shut the fuck up respectfully.

These codenames are simply a fun addition, not something intended to make MTF the next Site Alpha in terms of edginess. You’re a D1 hater when it comes to any department receiving something exclusive my guy, just let it happen, pathos won’t fall apart because people use nicknames as a replacement for their Roblox names.

Considering how many people in SRU, MP or CSU ask me for cool nickname tags on a daily basis, literally anyone wants a cool name.

Honestly it’s the same as having any other username, you can still memorize who’s who, it just makes MTF feel cooler.

Only problem with codenames is when you want to ping a dude for a joke in discord or in game and you don’t know who is who

Hey least it’s not in Site-delta, they have only [REDACTED] or [DATA EXPUNGED]. So aleast they have funny nickname. I know it brings bad memories… but we are not in past but in present, so for me it’s funny or to someone kinda “cringe”.

I’m glad they have some funny nickname, not [REDACTED] :joy::sweat_smile::hugs:

Have some chill, to be honest. It ain’t that deep.

You don’t necessarily need to know who you’re working with. All MTF are fairly competent, and you can recognize their general specialty through the task force they’re in. Plus, through time, you’ll be able to recognize MTF by their codename and a get a better grasp of them.

If the codenames were truly freely reigned by the will of the MTF operatives themselves, this would certainly be a valid concern. However:

  • Codenames can’t be changed willy nilly due to how it was scripted in.
  • Codenames are required to be approved by respective Captains & Crysis: establishing a standard for no edgy or inappropriate codenames.
  • Codenames are stored appropriately within EC’s database for the means of disciplinary; therefore, eliminating concerns towards immunity or anonymity to ethics.

As detailed by one of the MTF’s response in this forum: you do not have to call them by their codename. Additionally, if you truly want to tackle this argument in a proper way, don’t express a subjective perspective.

Respectfully, the public doesn’t just decide what a party gains, perk-wise. Of course, you are free to express concern, but only appropriately and respectfully. Your exaggeration and emotional outburst does not help better the Foundation, and if you truly think that Pathos’ future is at stake, you need to present your case better.

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Based Gavin Response.